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Visit Decentrex, the new decentralized exchange platform trading AMIS ERC20 ethereum blockchain tokens natively

Are you looking to trade AMIS ERC20 tokens, AMIS chose decentrex as its 3rd decentralized exchange. Check it out @

ERC20 AMIS Token - FAQ


 What is an AMIS Token (AMIS)? The AMIS is a transactional vehicle acting as asset management instrument for decentralized services running on the blockchain in today's digital economy ecosystem. What if I missed the token sale, how can I buy tokens now? The AMIS will be listed on exchanges (etherdelta, where anyone can offer or buy tokens. In the more distant future, users can easily buy tokens from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies with MIST. Token exchange: How do I purchase, exchange or trade my AMIS to ETH? The most preferred platform to perform your trades is available is available @ Token exchange: What is the exchange rate AMIS to ETH? It is approx 1:100. 

Token-exchange: Can I send ETH directly from MIST wallet, myetherwallet or metamask to the AMIS contract? Yes you can, however it is preferred, to use the exchange platform to directly acquire AMIS token. 

 You can acquire AMIS by using transactional exchange platform such as etherdelta, it allows to interact with the ERC20 AMIS Token contract ; this is achieved by pasting your private key in your preferred Wallet UI such as MIST, myetherwallet or Metamask. 

Once transaction is set to be validated sign it to conclude the transaction. After completion, you will be able to view your AMIS balance in your MIST wallet and also watch for token update with the watch token feature inside MIST wallet. Metamask and myetherwallet do not offer this option yet but this can be easily retrived by searching through either, ethplorer or etherchain. 

Token exchange: How long will I be able to exchange AMIS for ETH? Is there an end date? You will be able to exchange AMIS/ETH or AMIS/SIM forever. There is no end date. Token exchange: Will there be an AMIS ICO? No, there will not be an AMIS ICO. 

The scarcity of AMIS created will stay low hence why its value will increase overtime as its use widen. Remember this instrument is due to be used for short lived transactions, it acts as an asset mediation instrument to leverage the power of asset management instrument.

These are the most common questions, but if you have any others not covered here, please feel free to reach out on Slack. We’re happy to answer all questions! 

AMIS token have now become available; TRADE them with your MIST wallet or Metamask wallet account today:

Symbol: AMIS
Approx 1 AMIS for 0.100 ETH (31 Jan 2017)

It's all available on

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