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Visit Decentrex, the new decentralized exchange platform trading AMIS ERC20 ethereum blockchain tokens natively

Are you looking to trade AMIS ERC20 tokens, AMIS chose decentrex as its 3rd decentralized exchange. Check it out @

CoinMarketCap enlist AMIS asset as part of the Etherdelta and cryptoderivatives exchange platform

Yet another major player of the crypto currency space has decided to include AMIS as part of their desire to promote its use on a wider scale, we invite you to check the live exchange rate provided by coinmarketcap and compare its value against the different exchanges where AMIS is currently listed.

As etherdelta and cryptoderivatives are the most preferred exchange platform for AMIS coin's owners, having the AMIS coins listed on the coinmarketcap site is another true milestone achievement for the future of highly versatile digital asset management instruments conveyed on the ethereum blockchain.

Check it out

Ranked #88 in the asset list (20th Apr 2017):

and leave a friendly tweet and/or comment about your trading experience with the AMIS-ETH pair or any other AMIS crosses such as:

  • AMIS-1ST (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
  • AMIS-MKR (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (available at etherdelta only)
    (Not yet available at etherdelta only)
    (Not yet available at etherdelta only)
    (Not yet available at etherdelta only)

In addition the coinmarketcap AMIS page displays a list of customized items: allowing traders making ultimate decisive trading strategy even from your smartphone:
  • Chart Overview (24h TF, 7D TF, 1MONTH TF, 1Y TF)
  • Markets  overview per exchange
  • Social explorer
  • Rank (#672 as of 20th Apr 2017)

Real-time graphic chart of the AMIS-ETH pair as processed by conmarketcap AMIS-ETH chart list all trade volumes since the AMIS inception in Jan 2017.

We look forward for our next exchange listing beside what Etherdelta and Cryptoderivatives offer and provide more insights about our current development progress and status.


  1. Nice increase, but may I know if it has wallet available

  2. In etherdelta I was not able to trade with any other pair...its always like AMIS-ETH. is is only my problem or it happens to all?


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