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Visit Decentrex, the new decentralized exchange platform trading AMIS ERC20 ethereum blockchain tokens natively

Are you looking to trade AMIS ERC20 tokens, AMIS chose decentrex as its 3rd decentralized exchange. Check it out @

Trade AMIS ETH pair on exchange

Trading AMIS ETH pair on a fully decentralized trustless exchange is functional since 27th March 2017, settlements available on the site.

Visit and start trading the AMIS-ETH pair.

As for Etherdelta give the option of setting Buy/Sell orders with ETH only.

Cross trading ERC20 Assets between say AMIS-GNTW is not possible on this exchange.

However one can set buy or sell order in a fully decentralized work-order fashion; work-orders are kept in the chain and not off the chain.

Legal implication may vary from country to country; check the following to learn the topic:
[Link to be added]

Cryptoderivatives offer other asset  such as :

Complete list of ERC20 compliant tokens  is here :

Cryptoderivatives is also listed on


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CoinMarketCap enlist AMIS asset as part of the Etherdelta and cryptoderivatives exchange platform

Yet another major player of the crypto currency space has decided to include AMIS as part of their desire to promote its use on a wider scale, we invite you to check the live exchange rate provided by coinmarketcap and compare its value against the different exchanges where AMIS is currently listed.

As etherdelta and cryptoderivatives are the most preferred exchange platform for AMIS coin's owners, having the AMIS coins listed on the coinmarketcap site is another true milestone achievement for the future of highly versatile digital asset management instruments conveyed on the ethereum blockchain.

Check it out

Ranked #88 in the asset list (20th Apr 2017):

and leave a friendly tweet and/or comment about your trading experience with the AMIS-ETH pair or any other AMIS crosses such as:

AMIS-1ST (available at etherdelta only)AMIS-EMV
(available at etherdelta only)AMIS-SNGLS
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ERC20 AMIS Token - FAQ


What is an AMIS Token (AMIS)? The AMIS is a transactional vehicle acting as asset management instrument for decentralized services running on the blockchain in today's digital economy ecosystem. 

What if I missed the token sale, how can I buy tokens now? The AMIS will be listed on inter-exchanges (etheropt, etherdelta,, where anyone can offer or buy tokens also known as digital assets. In the more distant future, users can easily buy tokens from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies on our in-app exchange mySIM wallet UI and Metamask. 

Token exchange: How do I exchange my AMIS to ETH? The first batch of AMIS tokens were released with the intent of procuring multi-dimensional asset management instrument vehicle. The current state of development is in its enfancy and further changes will take place as the use of the token increases. The main way of trading AMIS today is by using the etherdelta exchange trading platform. It allows to perform trades of AMIS tokens to an…

Commercer la valeur des AMIS en ligne sur le réseau de la chaine de blocs Ethereum avec la 1ere bourse en ligne décentralisé | AMISolution Press Center

Commercer la valeur des AMIS en ligne sur le réseau de la chaine de blocs Ethereum avec la 1ere bourse en ligne décentralisé 

L'interface des menus est maintenant  disponible en  français pour recevoir vos passages d'ordres sur la plateforme d'echange décentralisé  etherdelta

Venez nombreux explorer les nouvelles possibilites qu'offrent l'utilisation Etherdelta, 1ere plateforme de bourse d'échange de jetons decentralisés:

Vue de l'interface graphique avec menus deroulant en français. ===>>